Our work with The Transparency Act

Presto actively promotes responsible business conduct with a focus on respect for human rights and decent working conditions in our supply chain. This account is intended to meet the public reporting requirements covered by the Transparency Act.

General description of the enterprise´s structure, area of operations and market
Presto Holding AB and subsidiaries are leaders in the Nordic region in the safety industry and a full-range partner specialising in safety services, products and installations in fire protection, along with relating nationwide servicing and training. Today, via its subsidiaries, the Group assists all manner of companies and organisations with risk management, developing customised and effective fire protection and training for their personnel in safety at work.

Presto is a Nordic group with a local presence in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Our organisation is based on meeting our customers where they operate and making it easy for them to get the right training and solution for fire and accident protection on site. That is why we are now present in more than 80 locations in the Nordic region, and we are working hard to increase our coverage in the countries where we operate.

Presto's local offices are organised within regions. They operate on the principle of decentralised responsibilities and powers. With the aid of centralised support functions, the regions are responsible for creating an efficient and effective operation that can deliver results in line with their country's overarching goals.

Presto's country organisations operate independently and each country organisation is responsible for sales and delivery of services, training and products. The national organisation supports regional sales via centralised marketing and sales channels. Each country also has centralised support functions for management, HR, process and product development. The country organisations are also responsible for developing their respective operations, working with the regions, by implementing and monitoring strategies for profitable and sustainable growth.

The Group
The Presto Group is united and kept strong by a shared vision, culture and brand. The Group is responsible, with the countries, for establishing agreed strategy and shared goals. The Group supports the countries via common policies & guidelines and centralised functions in accounting & finance, IT, communications, business development and acquisitions. At Group level, internal functions are also in place for HSEQ, purchasing, technology development and supply of materials.

Presto operates in two markets, the fire safety services market and the safety training market in the Nordic region.

All organisations have a responsibility for ensuring the safety of their operations. Presto knows which rules apply in different industries and guides the customer to a holistic solution that creates security in the organisation. To make sure that everything works, we also offer installation, checks and regular servicing of security solutions.

Safety products form an important element in assuring safe working. On that basis, Presto offers a wide range of fire protection products and safety equipment items, ranging from extinguishing systems to defibrillators. We manufacture our own fire protection products with focus on environmental adaptions and operate a take-back system for recycling and reuse of fire extinguishers.

Training programmes
To prevent fires and accidents people need knowledge. Presto offers the widest range of health and safety training programmes on the market. We tailor training to customer needs and offer it in different formats. Many of our programmes are available in the e-learning format.

For more information about Prestos activities and markets, see our Annual and sustainability report, presto.se, presto.no and presto.fi.

Prestos due diligence work
We work in accordance with OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises to systematically address actual and potential negative impacts on human rights and decent working conditions. The work is based on the following process defined in these guidelines.


Source: OECD Due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct.

1.      Responsible business conduct in policies and management system
Responsible business conduct is embedded in our business management processes and documents, including our Supplier Code of Conduct and internal Social and Ethical Responsibility Policy.
Presto AB is certified for quality management according to ISO 9001 and environmental management according to ISO 14001 and thus works systematically on sustainability and quality management and follow-up. Work is ongoing to extend this work to the group-wide level. Presto also works systematically with occupational health and safety management with the national legislation in the countries where we operate as a minimum level.  

The group HSEQ-department are responsible for including responsible business conduct in policy documents and routines and are also responsible for coordination, internal guidance and accounting.  The work on ethics in the supply chain is included in the strategic purchasing function's policy documents and working methods. The purchasing function are responsible to communicate our supplier requirements, including our Code of Conduct, and for compliance monitoring and follow-up. Responsibility for decent working conditions in our internal operations is coordinated at group level and led and driven at operational level by managers of regions and departments.

Reporting systems

Presto has a digital system for accident, incident and risk management to support an active safety and improvement culture within the internal operations and for an overview of our accident, disease, incident and risk statistics. To improve the employee experience we carry out continuous pulse measurements of how employees perceive their work situation. That gives aggregate feedback from employees regarding what works well and what can be done better.

Presto AB has an internal and external whistle blower policy and a reporting channel (covering Sweden, in the process of being established for Norway and Finland in 2023) to enable anyone with a work-related relationship to Presto to raise the alarm about irregularities. If someone suspects misconduct, violations of law and/or regulations, Presto encourages them to report the matter as a whistle blower case. Example of activities that Presto considers to be misconduct of general interest is bribery, theft, fraud, accounting fraud, tax offences and other criminal acts.

2.     Identification of risks and adverse impacts
To map and identify risks of human rights and decent working conditions violations related to Prestos operations, products or services we have screened our supply chain and prioritized critical suppliers. This prioritization has been based on criteria such as spend, global rights index, human freedom index, SDG index and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e).

The outcome is, among other things, that our most important supplier category is suppliers of direct materials and that a prioritized market for in-depth due diligence process is suppliers on the Chinese market. It is an area where the risk of violations of human rights and decent working conditions is high. This part of our supply chain is therefore a priority for action and follow-up.
Presto has the ambition of continuously improving our risk mapping and risk management and reviewing the need for additional measures.

3.      Mitigation of adverse impacts
All new suppliers are required to accept and sign the group code of conduct for suppliers. The code of conduct includes requirements for compliance with the UN Global compacts 10 principles on human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. Also included are requirements for suppliers to be aware of, and as a minimum comply with, the national legislation of the countries in which they operate.

Suppliers are responsible that the code is available in the local language to employees and suppliers involved in the production of Presto products.

We expect our suppliers to apply the Code of Conduct in their operations and value chain by establishing their own codes of conduct based on the same standard or otherwise communicating our requirements to subcontractors of products, materials and services.

Presto reserves the right to carry out unannounced inspections and follow up any supplier or manufacturer to ensure that the Supplier code is followed. Inspections can also be made by an independent third party of our choice.

Management and prevention of adverse impatcts
Presto strives for long-term relationships and mutual development. We want to have an active dialogue and cooperation of realistic action plans in every individual case of deviation from the code.

Presto purchasing department has the responsibility to follow up and monitoring suppliers and manufacturers. Any non-compliance shall be reported, acted on and followed up. If a supplier or manufacturer fails to implement agreed improvements in accordance with the action plan within the settled time plan Presto will terminate the business with the supplier or the manufacturer.

4.      Monitoring of implementation and results
Improvement actions with suppliers are followed up to ensure that the conditions are addressed. We log any deviations from our Code of Conduct or other negative impacts to ensure action and follow-up on the results. The results of deviations are reported in this annual account.

Presto has no reported incidents of actual or potential negative impacts during the previous year.

5.      Communication with stakeholders
For inquiries from customers and other stakeholders about our value chain due diligence work, we refer to this report, the Annual and Sustainability Report and our ongoing response to inquiries.


6.      Cooperation to mitigate adverse impacts
We will follow up on incidents that require cooperation and compensation or repair of any damage. To date, we have not had any such cases.